Cycling Niagara Falls, Well, Not Really The Falls Itself

The road trip of the summer of 2017 involved a northern route from KC through Canada, to Niagara Falls, upstate NY then down to Long Island, NY .  Family and friends were along the route.

Part of the plan was to ride along the Niagara River.

The ride we took was good, however, we missed one important item.

There is good riding on the Canadian side and the New York side, and I the entire loop is only 40 miles.  However, you must carry your passport with you as you will be leaving and entering the two countries.  The route is approximate, but is about 45 miles, with the only real altitude gain on the bridges.

We forgot our passports, so we did an out and back on the Canadian side.


You cannot ride on the multi use path in the falls area, on either side, so you do need to get on the local roads to get to and from your hotel.

We rode down on the bicycle trail, part of which is hidden from the road,  most of which is parallel to the road, but constantly insight of the the Niagara River.

We rode back on the road, which was nice as we had a tail wind and no stop lights.