Erie Canal and Genesee River Way To Lake Ontario

It has been a summer of riding in different places or repeat remote starts.  Aside from the Erie Canal,  I will post on Niagara Falls (actually the river trail as riding over the falls itself is not encouraged) and the Racoon River Valley Trail in Perry, Iowa (near Des Moines)

Back to Rochester NY:

Yes, it was a cloudy, damp and cool day in upstate NY, but I needed explore another part of the Erie Canal Bike Trail, anyway.

My brother-in-law and his family live in Brighton,  a suburb of Rochester.  Although I have ridden the trail before there were still sections I had not explored by bicycle.

I started this ride at the Canal Park Lock 33, Edgewood Road, Brighton.
There is parking and an outhouse here.

It is also a lock along canal.

It was about 40 miles, all paved, all the way to Lake Ontario.  There was a deli, ice cream palor and outside sitting area on the lake.

The ride went along the canal and through unpopulated and well populated areas.

Took the Erie Canal Barge path west to the Genesee River Trail north.  This photo part of the Genesse Trail.

Both trail sections are fully paved and mostly flat.

Once you turn north towards Lake Ontario, you will be in some populated areas from time time.

At the lake there is a deli and and ice cream palor, as well as this view.






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