Etiquette Is Not UnCool Or Stupid

  1. You are NOT so cool that passing calls like “Stopping”,”Slowing”,”Car Back”, etc. up and down the line of riders does not apply to you
  2. You are not so wise that you can prevent the rider you are passing on the right, without letting that rider know you are there, that you can prevent that rider from veering or drifting into your (unseen) bicycle and causing an accident.
  3. It really is not dorky to let riders know when you are passing on the left, even though they have a mirror and should see you.
  4. When a call of “car back” does not motivate you to immediately single up when riding double all that really does is make motorists more antagonistic than they already are. Singling up might actually improve some of their attitudes.
  5. You are not being smart if you ride double and cannot hear “car back” for any reason.

Let’s have a safe riding season.