How Hot Was It?

We moved from the NYC suburbs to the KC area few years ago.

Why, some would ask.  It was not for the weather.   We are into our first heat wave of the season.  It is certainly too hot to for outside chores. So, it must be time to go for a bike ride.   To be honest, we did leave at 7:30 am, when it was a mere 80 degrees.

We also looked for shade and as few hills as possible. The mileage was cut down to make sure we got home by 11 am.

And so, the ride was good.  We felt fine when we got off our bicycles and the temp was pushing 90.

THEN…we walked into the AC.  The truth was we were dripping.  We could not wait to get our bike clothes off.  We were somewhat dehydrated, despite our best efforts on the ride.

We decided it was way to hot to ride in this heat, until tomorrow dawned ad we decided it wasn’t that bad!

Sometimes logic just does not rule.

Oh yes, we moved here to be close to our grandchildren as they grow up, and to become a burden to our son and family as we grow old.


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