How to start your ride with 15 and come back alone

  1. Dash out of the starting point about  2-3 miles faster than the maximum ride pace.  Two of your riders decide to go off at their own pace.  You may tell them you will slow down, but they won’t believe you, because they have heard that before.
  2. Tire yourself out from the above and slow down to the bottom side of the ride pace.  Three more riders decide that, at this pace, they will get home after THE GAME starts, and that is not acceptable.
  3. Add lots of hills and climbing that have been added just for the sake of climbing hills and four more riders will decide this is not for them.  You are down to six riders.
  4. Stop for a lunch break.  Invariably one or two people will not want to stop and sit for 20-40 minutes and will continue on.  Four riders left.
  5. One rider gets a flat.  It is getting late.  He or she tells you not to wait, they will get back on their own.
  6. Three miles to go and Larry leaves. He had ridden to the start from his house and is going directly back.
  7. One mile from the end of the ride YOU decide to climb that one last hill and the one person remaining with you decides you are nuts and takes the flat cutoff.

Arrive back at the start by yourself.

Just another almost successful group ride.

To be a perfect success we need one change.

#6 should have you all ride directly back to your homes (since you all rode to the start of the ride).