Mishigas II

To recap,   my mother-in-law had a pet phrase to deal with people’s behavior that was strange to her:  “Everyone has their own mishigas (craziness).”

Cyclists are no exception.

  • A cycling buddy who tends to round up a 46 mile ride to 50 miles by going out for another 4 miles.
  • Another cycling friend who will ride his cyclometer to a mileage ending in 5 or 0 for every ride.
  • The attack and die person, who dashes up hills ahead of everyone else, only to lose steam and get passed further up the hill.
  • The EMT guy we knew who kept one water bottle filled the bandages and ointments among other supplies.
  • A new cycling friend who owns multiple bicycles and color coordinates his cycling outfit to match the his bicycle or each ride.
  • The rider (me) who rode an older, heavier bike early last season, then switched to the newer lighter bike to be faster for a brief week.

Glad to see we are a normal as everyone else.