Raccoon River Bicycle Trail

Not too far from Des Moines, Iowa is the Raccoon River Bicycle Trail,  79 miles of paved bicycle trail, through multiple landscapes.

Our group went there summer of 2017 and stayed at the Hotel Patee.

For our taste the hotel was kind of kitchy.  All the rooms have themes.  Many people in the group really liked the idea, however.

Food is a bit of a problem.  Breakfast at the hotel was less than stellar, the one lunch was fine and dinner was a mixed bag.  Unfortunately, there are not too many places to eat in Perry, other than fast food.

The riding, however, was quite nice, if you like bike trails that go on forever, with little to no foot traffic.   The terrain and views do change every couple of miles and you do run in to several towns where there are places to eat.

On day one, we all took an out and back ride, on the trail,  west from the hotel.

On day two, we all took a longer out and back ride, heading south then west.

Out view and back views are similar but different.

The High Trestle Trail, is close by, but you will need to ferry bikes there as the only paved road all the way through is the highway.  There are plans to connect the two, however.

All in all it was a nice getaway.










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