Road Trip – West Coast of Florida – Part 2

Today, Susan and I rode the north part of the Withlacoochee State Rail Trail.  It is, at 45 miles, the longest trail in Florida.

We started at the Inverness Trailhead (all the trail heads have parking and rest rooms) and rode to the northern terminus and back, around 32 miles.


The Withlacoochee has scenery that constantly changes, from woods, to water, to semi rural housing and a a few short stretches along road ways.

The further north we went the less we saw other riders.  On our way back, around noon, however, there was very light bicycle traffic and rare walkers.  The trail is in very good condition and wide.


As a measure of how quiet the trail was, Susan decided she did not need her mirror, because there would not be any significant number of riders coming up behind her.  It turned out that no one passed us and we passed less than a dozen people.

View from rest stop
View from rest stop

Since the trail does cross the roadway in several places, it would probably be easy to create a route of 50 miles or more by looping off and on the trail several times.


There were ample rest rooms and places to get food, all visible from the trail.

Look for the cormorant drying its wings

This ride is highly recommended.