Road Trip – West Coast of Florida – Part 3

The Pinellas Rail Trail runs from Tarpon Springs to St. Petersburg.  It is an urban trail, so unlike the trails further north (see Parts 1 and 2), the ONLY  way to ride was to ride this trail is in relaxed mode. Our ride today went from Tarpon Springs to Clearwater.  We road on a dedicated lane down the middle of the road in Tarpon Springs.  There were sections of trees on both sides, but this was not forest. At times the trail ran between houses and yards to the left and the right. It ran along Alternate Route 19 and through the downtowns of cities.  We crossed many roads, some quite some busy.  There was a constant, but light flow, of riders, walkers and skaters. It was fascinating because everything kept changing and for the reasons below: 1. In Dunedin there were eateries and bicycle rental/repair adjacent to the trail.

2. Webster Park had a pier we rode on that went well out into the bay. 3. There was Well Springs Park with paved trails that let you ride through palm trees, conservation areas and out to the bay.  4. Honeymoon Beach is a five mile side round trip over a beach causeway.  You can also ride through the park at the end, or stop to rent a catamaran along the way.  The ride was just about 30 miles, but with all the side trips and views it took a lot of extra time. Tomorrow is a day off from riding. Glenn

One thought on “Road Trip – West Coast of Florida – Part 3”

  1. I live just 6 blocks from the trail, in Crystal Beach, but I don’t recognize Webster Park, where is it? Also, it’s not Well Springs Park, it’s Wall Springs Park. Just letting you know.
    I enjoyed reading about the trails around the area. It’s nice living in a place where you never have to put your bike away for the Winter.

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