Speed vs. Roses

I am constantly torn between seeing how fast I can ride, especially if pace lining with people I trust, or just chilling out to “smell the roses”.

Both seem to have their merits, depending on your perspective.

In “roses” mode I certainly to not get the same work out, but on a nice day, I think of nothing more relaxing than cruising along at a comfortable pace — no pace lining — taking the hills without concern about how long they take — and finishing the ride completely relaxed. As my wife (main riding buddy) says “You ARE allowed to just enjoy the ride.” Being male, I did not realize this until I did it.

In “pace” mode, I absolutely miss much of the scenery, unless you consider the spinning back wheel of someone else’s bicycle, scenery. However, besides being a tremendous workout, if I like my pace, there is a real sense of accomplishment.

I seem to move back and forth. Depends on the day and who I am riding with.

Anyone care to share their opinions?

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One thought on “Speed vs. Roses”

  1. Bicycling is not simply about the speed, or who finishes when, or even about the scenery. It’s about the ride and who’s pushing the pedals. It’s about where you go and what you do when you get there (eat, usually). It’s about who you ride with or riding solo. It’s about everything you can think of that involves a bicycle.

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