What To Do After The Bicycle Accident?

There was a 11/29/2010 article in the NY Times by Gina Kolata. She had a cycling accident a short time ago and published the following:

Fell Off My Bike, and Vowed Never to Get Back On
The article opens with:

“I crashed on my bike on Oct. 3 and broke my collarbone, an experience so horrific that my first impulse was to say I would never ride on the road again.”


Here on Long Island, NY 2010 seems to have the season of broken and fractured bones for many cyclists.  Some accidents happened to people riding alone, some in groups and, unfortunately, two deaths when cyclists got hit by a car.

My wife, for sure, is uncertain of what the spring will bring, after her broken elbow accident in August.

I know a man who went through the same process after a broken hip…but decided to get back on his bike.  He rides differently (no concern for male testosterone games), but just as often as he did previously.

I know another rider, who got back on his bike after surgery on his clavicle, even before the physical therapist thought he should.

I know people who stopped riding altogether and people who took a year or two off, then came back at some level.

It is  a highly a personal choice.  There will be logical reasons and emotional reasons and each person needs to really decide for themselves.

This all got me thinking . . .what are the other bicycle accident victims doing and thinking?

Perhaps we can develop some answers via a quick poll.  It takes less than a minute and no login is necessary.

Please click below to answer.  I will post results as soon as I have 100 or more votes.  I will then update the results periodically.

The Bicycle Accident Poll
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8 thoughts on “What To Do After The Bicycle Accident?”

  1. Cycling accidents are not only confined to broken bones, cases of road rash, and sadly enough, deaths. On three different occasions I have been hit by cars that failed to acknowledge that cyclist follow the same traffic rules as cars (two resulted in shattered helmets, bruises and lacerations) and made right turns when I had the right of way. One sped away from the scene, one came out cursing and angry, and the last one was very apologetic. My last accident was a little more serious because it landed me in the hospital for two days. I was going on a straight flat road heading home after a thirty mile ride with a friend. Cars were neatly parked on my right. Suddenly, the person sitting in the car decided to open the driver side door leaving me no reaction time. Parts are blurry but I remember crawling out of my bike and feeling this excruciating pain on the right side of my neck and left leg. I could not get up and asked my friend what was goin on with my neck. Thats when I learned that part of my right ear had been sheared off. At the ER my ear was reattached and was kept for observation because my air way might have been compromised. I ride a R-853 steel bike which was totaled. I have been riding for over 25 years. I can’t wait to get back on my bike again.

  2. This is my resume in regard to cycling accidents: 2003 – Fractured Left Hip; 2006 – Fractured Right Hip; and 2008 hit by a car and had a broken pelvis.

    In summary: Every sport have its own risk and we need to accept that. If we love the sport we cannot give up. After each accident I was determined to work harder to come back. After all, cycling is what I chose to do and I love it; and I refuse to give it up because of the risks.

    If you drive, there is a risk of a car accident and you may be killed. So, you do not stop driving a car because you could be involved in a car accident.

    Do not stop enjoying your live because you experience a bad accident. Look at the big picture because life is short. Today you are fine but tomorrow you may have to fight cancer and eventually died.

  3. I was accident on 18th April 2011. I was rest more the day in hospital and home. So what i do for after the cycle accident? My neck and face got the hurt and lost in three litres of blood. The car was left side, suddendly brakes and stop then i forces to stop then accident in tiny glass in back of seat door car. That is reason for me to explaining after accident then what to do? Life is back to alive without dead and sport is love of cycle on anywhere in the world.

  4. I was hit by a vehicle on my way to work. Luckily, I was riding to a hospital and arrived while the wound therapists were on site. They quickly cleaned and dressed my wound with the same products you will find in my krash kits.

    I used the same wound healing techniques with my teammates and their wounds healed quicker with my kits than kits built at your local pharmacy, for a fraction of the cost.

  5. There is really a risk to everything. Whether you ride a bike, or a car, accident really happens. It is for the person to take extra care and wear the proper gears so as to lessen the intensity of the injury, in case it will happen. My sons are into skateboarding and motocross. As a mom, I always wish that it’s only bruises that they’ve got when they will come home and not fractured bones. A cycling accident shouldn’t stop you to do what you love. Personally, I do not know if i would still allow my sons to get back to their sports if they met a serious accident because of those; but for sure, life must move on and everybody should learn from their mistakes. Cheers! -Kerrie

  6. I’ve had a both a bad bike accident and car accident and both times I found the physiological factors to be similar.

    The accidents left a fear of doing something that was before completely natural.

    While it was difficult, the only real solution was to get back on the bike, and get moving again to show the brain that the world didn’t change and that normal function could be restored.

    I think the longer you put this off, the more your brain convinces you not to do it.

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