Bicycle Etiquette

Absolute Safe Riding – No Anger, Lots of Courtesy

  • Mountain Bike Etiquette
    • Most mountain biking takes place on trails that are shared with hikers, equestrians and other outdoor enthusiasts. Since 1988, the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) has offered the Rules of the Trail to promote responsible and courteous conduct on shared-use trails and to help everyone have enjoyable experiences.
  • Road Riding Etiquette  The Mistakes We Constantly Make
    • Remember, you are not riding your bike, you are DRIVING YOUR BICYCLE
    • How many  people really understand rule for passing (yes, there are rules), calls to make out loud and what do to when a rider(s) get caught at a stop light?
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      Colorado Pro Challenge
  • State Laws For Cyclists – What Do You Really Know?
    • The following information highlights 13 areas of law that may minimize that risk and have the potential to reduce conflicts between bikes and cars (and other traffic). 
    • The laws are pretty similar all over, but some states, like Kansas have a “dead red” rule (if the red light does not change after waiting, and there are no cars, you may procede)
    • Safe Riding means no anger.  The cars are bigger.