The first and second century.

When my wife decided to her first century, I agreed to ride along with her, of course. With us, one other rider from our club came along as well.

It was supposed to be flat . . . we thought . . . there are no hills in that part of Long Island, NY.


Ah the first 25 miles were a breeze and a joy.

After the next 35 along with wind and hills, my wife was ready to call it day. Bill and I encouraged her to go on.

It went like this:

…more hills, tears and near tears, but stubborn determination

…Bill and I took turns keeping her company, because the pace was slooow

…finally, about mile 85 back to the flats, with the end in sight

…at the last rest stop, at mile 92 we were told that the actual ride was 105 miles, but the short cut was a smidgen under 100. We took the shortcut and came in at 99.7 miles.

…the solution was to ride down the road til the odometer hit 100, which we did.

That was my second century and my wife’s first.

At that point we decided that a metric century was plenty of bike ride.
We have not done more than 72 miles in a single day since.