The first century (to be followed by the first and second century).

My first century happened about six years ago. It was a MS ride that had me going the full range of feelings and emotions. There were three of us and sometimes four in our group.

At first we were tricked, most unfairly, because we had a 15 mph wind at our back. And, of course, we were all full of whatever we get full of when first starting a ride like this.

We got ours, however, at the turn around point…riding along the beach, with the wind now up to 20 mph in our face. Along one really bad seven mile stretch I quickly discovered the value of pace lining, when the biggest rider pulled to the front. Most unkindly, however, everyone elseƂ “forgot?” to pull until we got off the beach.

About mile 75 I decided to bonk. Well, I did really decide to bonk . . . I just did. Got on my bike…got off my bike…sat down…drank two quarts of water over the next half hour…and took a swallow every five minutes after that.

I survived the ride with a sore butt.

That night I decided to give up cycling.

The next morning I was ready for my next century.

Feel free to share your first century experience.