A Flurry of Questions & Thoughts

Why do most of the paid event rides, which collect thousands of dollars, provide such lousy snacks and no lunch?
I realize they make donations of some of this money, but these rides are getting more expensive and the riders are not really getting much back.
An unfortunate result is that many people join the ride, use the rest room and bring their own food.3d tv 2

Why do I watch the Tour De France every night, just to see the mountain stages?
My wife, cleverly does stuff on her tablet, until the climbing starts.

I learned something this year, but everyone has to learn it themselves.
If you lose 5 pounds you will ride faster and stronger even if you do not buy a new bicycle.
When I could ride faster and stronger, I enjoyed the slower (toddle) rides as much as the fast/push rides.
Now I rarely ride faster. . . but I did lose 5 pounds.

If you really want the secrets to cycling success, send me money.