Take Photos Of Your Bicycle Ride

Sometimes The Ride Gets So Intense

My photo essay is here.

That we forget or forgo taking photos of the people and scenery we are riding with and through.

Take photos of your bicycle ride.

I have a lot of photos from many rides.  What I miss, however, are the photos I did not take, because I was too intent on the ride, the pace or something else.

They do not need to be spectacular,  just memorable.

Take Photos of your bicycle rides
Rest Stop on a ride near Lakeville. NY Quiet roads and lots of hills.

If like me, you ride in many different places,  the photos become a travelogue.

Even if you only ride locally, and in a fast paceline, with a drive for speed . . . these are still memories.

bike race 2
Team Radio Shack

Colorado Pro Tour 2011, Gunnison, CO

I have ridden on Long Island, NY (yes, for some reason is it always ON Long Island and IN New York City),  Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, upstate NY, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, California, Oregon, Europe and more.

My only regret is that I do not have photos of ALL these places,  because the ride became the only goal.

Lake Champlain, NY and VT
Lake Champlain, NY and VT

So,  get off the bicycle a few times and  create some memories for yourself.

IMG 0599 Edit
On The Bicycle Ferry, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

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