4 Reasons To eBike, Or Not

To eBike Or Not

4 Reasons To eBike, Or No

4 Reasons to eBike

If your eBike is NOT pedal assist, it is a motor bike and does not count.



So many eBikes on the road these days, and my wife and I, in our 70s are still on our leg powered road bikes.

So why would you go for an eBike?

  1. An excellent reason is, if you are not really a dedicated cyclist, nor interested in becoming one.   In this day and age, you can buy a pedal assist eBike and enjoy the pleasures of bicycle riding without necessarily doing it for maximum physical gain.
    • This would also be great for local shopping or library rides, if you would like to exercise as well.
  2. For commutation as a replacement for a car or public transportation.  Of course, that depends on weather in your area and the distance you need to ride.  You do not want to arrive at work in need of a shower, being drenched from rain or suffering from frostbite.   I would think using the eBike during suitable weather would be the best option.
  3. Some of the people I ride with would have to stop riding, for medical reasons (often the heart) if they did not have an eBike.  They all ride high end eBikes, that almost look like regular road bikes, and use the motor as needed to keep their bpm or other vitals in the safe range.
  4. Some of the other people I ride with miss the longer and faster rides they used to be able to do.  They either cannot do them anymore or cannot do them without a great deal of extra effort that leads to exhaustion for the rest of the week.  They often ride without the motor on the relaxed parts of the ride so they can keep up when the speed picks up or the hills appear.

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4 Reasons NOT To eBike

  1. Our prime reason, so far, is, we still enjoy the exercise and workout.  The reality that the miles are less and the pace is slower is just a fact of aging.   So far, we do not miss the longer, faster rides.  If you fit this pattern, an eBike is not yet (and maybe never) in your future.
    • An interesting point about this would be to look back to the time before eBikes.  it was quite common for the older riders to do exactly what we are doing now.
  2. You are stubborn and willing to work harder to ride like you used to.
  3. Regardless of anything, you feel eBikes are not really bicycling, no matter what.
  4. You never really ride more than a few miles or less than an hour, and there is no point in spending money on an item you have no need for or desire to own

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