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Compendium Of Interesting Articles – March 2021

    • 10 Bike Fitting Myths – Bicycle Magazine
      • “Spring brings new bikes and more time in the saddle. Old cycling aches and pains return, and new ones develop, motivating many riders to head to their local bike fitter. Bike fits can help, but they don’t solve every problem.
        The fit system itself—be it BGFit, SICIGuru, or any other methodology out there—is just a tool. You can get a good fit using just about any fit system, but you might like one approach better than another, given that they are based on different philosophies. What matters most is the experience of the person doing the fit.”   Bicycling Magazine

    • 6 Eating Habits That Sabotage Your Cycling  –
    • Tips for effective rest and recovery after cycling
        • “There’s no denying it — the time spent off the bike recovering is as vital to an athlete as the time spent training. If you miss the opportunity to repair muscle damage, you can be left with more than just aching legs.So it is no surprise that scientists have been trying for decades to improve the process of recovery and reduce the soreness, injury and fatigue that result from training. Yet wading through the different research that has been produced can be baffling, contradictory and can lead to you making wrong decisions about your own training and recovery.”            

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