Born Again Cycling

As the summer progresses my riding is settling into the new pattern alluded to in the previous blog.

My rides with Susan are now up in the 35-50 mile range, at a low to moderate aerobic rate. (L)

My weekend rides without Susan, with our regular riding group are the same mileage but at a moderate to high moderate aerobic rate. (M)

My weekday rides with the Tue/Thur group tend to push the high aerobic rate. (H)

If I ride four times in a good week I get:

L on Saturday
M on Sunday
L  on Tuesday
H on Thursday

The BIG SURPRISE about all this is that I feel good about all the rides.  I am ready for the L rides as well as the M and H rides.

I am less tired between rides since I am not always riding hard.

I am ready for the L rides as a way to just enjoy the scenery and not worry about other riders (these rides are all two to five people, no pace lines).

Of course, I have an advantage in being able to ride pretty much as often as I want.  Not sure I would feel the same if I was still working.

For me the key is, Susan is back on her bike, riding the distances I like at a speed I find comfortable (i.e. not too slow).

All is good.