Ride With GPS

If you use a gps and are a power user on ridewithgps.com, there is no need to read this post.

For the rest of you, I have tried several online and on pc map programs for my rides.

I recently settled on ridewithgps  for serveral reasons:

  • My PC based system, although it generated a gpx file, never worked really well with my Garmin 705 or 800.  Once I started creating rides directly in ridewithgps my bicycle device has worked perfectly for routing me on my ride.
  • The ability to generate a printed cue sheet and map (beta), as a secondary backup is nice, because it is easy to see the turns forward of where I am.  Should there be a conflict with the cue sheet and your gps, however, go with the gps.
  • Whilte it took me a while to understand how to make changes and deletions, once I got the hang of it, I find the program as easy to use as anything else I have tried.
  • The Bike Paths click box is great.  Not only does it show you actual off road bicycle paths, but it shows many on road designated bike lanes or share the road designations.  Unfortunately, some communities seem to put  Share the Road or Bike Route signs on roads no sober person would ride on.
  • With the addition of their phone app CueSheets (which I paid for to get voice prompts), I can:
      • test a route in my car, while keeping my eyes on the road.
      • use my cell phone, instead of my gps, on my bicycle (though you will be using your data minutes)

Definitely a winner site !