Some Strange Things Cyclists Do

Why Do We Do These Strange Things

Part 1, Questions

1. Why, in a large group, will the front of the group speed up to get through the Yellow Light, knowing full well they will just have to wait somewhere down the road?

2. Why do we guys, particularly, repeatedly power up from a stop to get to speed as fast as we can, instead of gradually accelerating.

3.  Why is a chill, relaxed ride, still have a goal of X mph for the ride?

4.  Why do we rarely call for an unscheduled pit stop — however, if one person breaks ranks, almost everyone else takes advantage?

5.  Why do we spend oodles of money on a lighter bike instead of losing extra pounds on our body?

6.  Why do we try to get up the hill first, knowing we will die at the top or later on in the ride?

7. Why can’t all bad weather be from 9 pm to 5 am?

8. Why?

Strange Things








Part 2, Answers

1, 2, 3, 6. testosterone  (men), to prove we are as good as the guys (women)

4. Stop! Stop! What planet are you on?

5.  Much much easier.

7.  Because  YOU live on Earth and I live on Planet Glenn.

8.  Because

And the winner is Testosterone !


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