Susan’s Specialized Vado SL 4.0

Susan had been waffling on buying an e-Bike for over a year.

The hills in the greater Kansas City area were beginning to bother her.

Her resistance faded when the Vado went on sale at 20% off.

Here is my review based on her feedback.

Specialized Vado SL 4.0

Specialized Vado SL 4.0


Susan researched e-bikes for a long time, and her purchase was well thought out.

She wanted an e-bike with the motor in the crank, not the rear hub, for better stability and less work changing a rear flat, if the motor needed to be disconnected from the hub.

Weight was an important factor as well, for the purpose of being able to ride the bike without the motor if necessary and for the need to possibly lift the bike.

The Specialized Creo left her feeling too stretched out, even though her Lynskey road bike did not.  I also think she was at that point in time that more upright was the place to be.

The added expense and features of the Vado 5.0 were not important to her.

She did want a step over (not a step through) and did not want it equipped with fenders, etc.

She did want LIME GREEN, however.

The Review

Susan is about six rides in with the bicycle.  She did have the handle bars shortened, twice, to get to a more comfortable position.

Neither one of us really like the big front light, but hers is covered by her handle bar bag.

At first she would leave the motor on, but only us power climbing hills.

After a few rides, she found that just riding in econo mode, all the time was easier, as the group changed speeds and went up hills.

Sometimes, when she is tired or on a steep hill, she will use sport mode for a little more power.

To date, she had not needed to use turbo mode.

Susan likes the bicycle.

At 33 pounds, it is not too heavy.

She is getting used to the different handling as opposed to her road bicycle.

The straight handlebars do not bother her at all.  I have tested her bike a few times, as we are similar in height, and am still having a hard time with the straight handlebars and the more upright position.

At a price of $2999, it was a good buy.







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