Boston-Maine-Cape Cod Riding Away

Okay, so Boston was a bust, I forgot to order good weather. Susan and I had a great visit with our daughter, however.

Now, Maine . . .

My first riding experience in this NE most of states. We stayed in Kennebunkport at a real find of a place. Look up Franciscan Guest House (60 acres of land, out door salt water pool and full breakfast at prices well below the posh resorts).

In any case, the bicycling was a treat. It went like this:

Multiple rides along the Maine coast, with short hops on route 9 to connect to the next coastal road…then ride directly back to the inn…25 miles day 1.

Repeat some of the above along the coast, but go further up the coast. This provided some great contrast as the coastal communities when from expensive and tourist to expensive and residential to moderate tourist and residential to a few steps above depressed. Absolutely great variations.  Then head inland a bit, mostly on state roads. Some in great condition some in fair condition. Once again though the surroundings kept changing…city, surburban, rural and unpopulated…50 miles day 2.

On day three we did more coast, but in the opposite direction, then headed inland on local roads and county roads, which, by and large were in better shape than some of the state routes. Add another 40 miles.

Total altitude gain on any ride was under 1,000 feet.

It does not get much better. some photos are below.


I have cycled on Cape Cod many times. I have two simple statements to make about it.

1. It is varied, interesting and a great deal of fun.

2. Do NOT miss the opportunity to bicycle on Martha’s Vineyard.


Maine Shoreline

Marginal Way

Kennebunkport Maine Coast

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