You ride what you eat.

Okay, this is making me nuts .

  • Eating and riding. EVERYONE — when you ride you are burning fuel (energy, carbs, calories, sugar, protein, etc.)
  • When the fuel runs low, you need to refuel, stop riding or stall.
  • Simple truths are not, it seems, obvious to all:
    • You do not skip breakfast before the morning ride. Get up earlier if you must. You are not on a diet today.
    • You do not skip the snack, power bar, chocolate milk, etc. during a ride of any distance. Your body needs the fuel.
    • Enjoy your after the ride meal. Your body will use the food to build muscle…not fat.

In a group ride, not eating properly is also rude — unless you are the strongest rider in the group, in which case it is fine.

If you are bonking you are spoiling the ride for everyone else.

nuff said,