Bicycling Strong 302 – Speed vs. Roses

Ride Strong – Either Way Works

Some of our strong rides in Oregon Columbia River Gorge, Rhode Island, California, Florida and Kansas City (yes, even KC).

If the ride is about Speed vs. Roses, my wife, will, invariably, chose roses.  On occasion, however,  she will consider bursts of speed 🙂

I used to be constantly torn between seeing how fast I can ride, especially if pace lining with people I trust, or just chilling out to “smell the roses”.

Both seem to have their merits,  and as I grow older, the speed matters less.

In “roses” mode I certainly to not get the same work out, but on a nice day, I think of nothing more relaxing than cruising along at a comfortable pace — no pace lining — taking the hills without concern about how long they take — and finishing the ride completely relaxed.
As my wife (main riding buddy) says “You ARE allowed to just enjoy the ride.”
Being male, I did not realize this until I did it.

So I decided to give it  try.  Here is what I saw and appreciated as I slowly (a relative term) rode by on various rides:


Speed vs. Roses
Rhode Island
100 3928
Oregon – Columbia River Gorge.  There is an old highway converted to a bike pedestrian path (to avoid the need to ride on the interstate).  No need to walk anywhere  (what, get off your bike?) , this was part of the route.
IMG 0072
Florida, locked the bikes and walked the trail.  Fortunately we have spd clips on mountain bike shoes.
cycling near palm desert CA
California. Riding on a desert road.
Strong riding on country roads
Adirondacks, NY – but could be any country road.
20141016 1109421
Just South of Kansas City, MO.  Ride south of KC on the Missouri side and you reach open land pretty quickly.  On the Kansas side you need to ride an extra five or ten miles — and then the road itself sometimes ends.


In “pace” mode, I absolutely miss much of the scenery, unless you consider the spinning back wheel of someone else’s bicycle, scenery.  However, besides being a tremendous workout, if I like my pace, there is a real sense of accomplishment.

I seem to move back and forth. Depends on the day and who I am riding with.

Getting Your Significant Other On A Bicycle

Lots of photos here.


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