The Best Bike For Me !

Every now and then the  “do I need/want a new bicycle” syndrome rears its head.

If  I actually buy a new bicycle it will be titanium.  I personally know of one tragedy (death) and two or three found fractures in the frame before any serious injury, from carbon fiber bicycles.  I understand some are built more reliably that others.  I also have a rational or irrational concern with bicycles built in China.

That being said:

My current bike, a 2003 Litespeed Tuscany (titanium) is a good bicycle.  I like it.  It is on the heavy side,  about 20-22 lbs.

There are some real pluses to this bicycle, however:

  • Since I usually ride with my wife and she is not quite as strong a rider as I am, there is no issue with my current bicycle.
  • In the groups I ride with my ability level on my  Litespeed  puts in the top 25% to 50% of the riders, depending on who is out that day.
  • The bike is extremely comfortable.  The geometry is right for me.

The rationals, legitimate or not for looking for a new bike are:

  • At faster speeds or hillier rides I do need to work hard at times to generate the output I desire.  This, however, could also be a plus.
  • Life it short. I can afford a new bicycle. Why not?
  • A new bike may be a lot expensive than losing five more pounds, but it is easier :).

For now, these are just thoughts bouncing around.  Should I get serious I actually have to find a manufacturer that builds titanium bikes in the US, Canada or Western Europe and has a size with a 51 cm top tube.

Anyone else out there going through this process?