Riding With My Wife

From The Beginning Of Time Up To And Including Today 

My wife and I often ride alone together — just the two of us.  (We also drink often alone, together,  but only wine and beer, for the George Thorogood fans among you).

Riding with my wife has changed radically over the years.

Its different than a group because WE decide everything about pace and terrain.

When we were much younger (ha) – in our mid 50s – and just getting serious about cycling:

  • sunny and 30+ degrees with no wind was good enough
  • 90+ at the start was too much
  • 30 miles was a short ride
  • 40-50 miles was a normal ride
  • she would push to get stronger
  • she would allow me to push her, a little
  • we both loved group rides
toh 2001 100miles2
Susan completes here one and only century. Her cyclometer said 99.8 and the finish, so she road another block or so…for 100.1

In the mid cycle of our riding history and as we go older:

  • sunny and 40+ was  good enough
  • 85+ degrees at the start was too much
  • 25 miles was short ride
  • 30-40 miles was normal
  • she no longer gave a hoot about pushing
  • keep your mouth shut Glenn
  • group rides were good but not necessary

In our 70s and after some accidents:

  • sunny and 45+ degrees is good enough
  • 80 degrees is too hot
  • 15 miles is short ride
  • 25-33.6 miles is a normal ride
  • pushing? what’s that mean?
  • I will let you know if you need to shorten the planned ride
  • without the group there is no pace, mileage or terrain pressure
riding with my wife
Our one overseas bicycle trip in the Alps.

See full post of Alps Riding here.

Much to my own surprise,  I am completely okay with this.

I never thought I would be happy with a 25 mile ride, but it is fine.

A ride is now a ride.  I enjoy it, be it longer or shorter.

These days, the route and mileage I propose is a suggestion.

But, that’s okay. Susan rides slower than I do, but not that much slower.

She also worries more about weather and how she feels, but that’s okay too.

She had an insight at some point that changed her attitude about cycling.

No matter how hard she was willing to train or push, she was never going to be as strong as the guys in the group. I understand this. Our group is mostly 60-80 years old,  more and more on eBikes, with a smattering of younger and older. For MOST women a man of the same age and bent will be a stronger cyclist.

So, she said, Stop Trying so hard and enjoy the damn ride.

Which leads to riding with spouse. In a group ride, for her, it is usually more work, because someone is often pushing the pace. She enjoys the people and doesn’t mind pushing now and then. However, it can’t always be about pushing.

Riding with me is easy, because I take the attitude, if Susan is riding and enjoying the ride that is what counts.

It also gives me a new perspective…i.e. its not always about setting a pace.


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