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I have been updating all my bicycle trips, with extensive texts and photos.  The  most recent posts are listed below. 

All full list is here.  

Remembering The 100 Miles

My First Century Was In 2002 It was a  100 miles MS ride that had me going the full range of feelings and emotions. There were three of us and sometimes four in our group. The ride organizers did provide some interesting diversions, however. The Cue Sheet was sent out ahead of time.  However, instead […]


Columbia River Gorge – Incredible

Columbia River Gorge, Oregon, July 19, 2010. Today we rode along the Old Highway and New Bike Path along the river gorge. We pulled out of Hood River, OR (about an hour and half from Portland – which has to be the most bicycle friendly city in the US . . . another story) to […]

10 Bad Cycling Habits

Wheel Sucking & Crossing Oh yes, on the list of bad cycling habits, this is serious. On the wheel.  The only time you should be close behind another rider is in a pace line, where EVERYONE knows how to ride in a paceline.  It is not, just drafting behind someone. This is dangerous.  If the […]

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Take Photos Of Your Bicycle Ride

Sometimes The Ride Gets So Intense My photo essay is here. That we forget or forgo taking photos of the people and scenery we are riding with and through. Take photos of your bicycle ride. I have a lot of photos from many rides.  What I miss, however, are the photos I did not take, […]


A Two Wheel Love Affair

Bicycle Man: A two-wheel love affair by Robert Brum, April 21, 2021 –  A guest post.   See more from Robert at Shifting Gears I thought I was a bicycle fanatic. I mean, I pile up a few thousand miles a year on my road bike. When I’m not out riding, I’m wondering why I’m not riding, […]


Jay B. Starkey Trail – Florida West

Better late than never,  our 2011 Bicycle Road Trip to Florida’s West Coast Part 2 of 2 In 2011, Susan and I are on a road trip.  While we have taken many road trips by flying to a location and renting a car . . . this one is a first. This post is about […]

40 Miles Of The Withlacoochee Rail Trail, Inverness Florida

Better late than never,  our 2011 Bicycle Road Trip to Florida’s West Coast Part 1 of 2 Withlacoochee State Rail Trail It is, at 45 miles, the longest trail in Florida. We started at the Inverness Trailhead (all the trail heads have parking and rest rooms) and rode to the northern terminus and back, around […]


Myths & More

Compendium Of Interesting Articles – March 2021 10 Bike Fitting Myths – Bicycle Magazine “Spring brings new bikes and more time in the saddle. Old cycling aches and pains return, and new ones develop, motivating many riders to head to their local bike fitter. Bike fits can help, but they don’t solve every problem. The […]


Private Roads, Public Access

Bicycles and even motor vehicles are allowed on private roads.

Ride To Back Bay, Newport, CA

This is part 2 of 3 Scenic Rides in Southern California this is the Ride To Back Bay Part 1 – Ride To Dana Point & San Clemente is here. The ride starts from Los Olivos Community Park in Irvine. More photos of this ride are here. This version of the route is about 33 […]