Riding With Covid19

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This Is A Strange Time When We Go Riding With Covid19 All Around

  • Groups of one
  • No Pace lines
  • You can go at whatever pace you want
  • No mask, when you ride alone*, as it is two hard to breath
  • Shorter rides, especially for the women as most rest rooms are closed (whoops, they are starting to open as I update this)
  • Timing your rides to avoid crowds
  • Enjoying the quieter roads
  • Enjoying a less traffic on main roads
  • Avoiding multi use trails
  • Discovering (or rediscovering) walking and hiking
  • Finding there are other books to read
  • Not watching news all the timeĀ 

More thoughts, anyone?

*unless you want to, of course

For a more whimsical look see my postĀ 

Absolute, Ironclad, Flexible? Rules For Cycling During Covid19 Pandemic

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