Last Rides of The Season

For me, early November is the end of my season.  The weather gets raw and my excitement level wans until March.

This year, however, Susan and I took some breaks during the season…a vacation out west, some weeks where we only rode once or twice, etc.  So, while I was not “chomping at the bit” I was not yet ready to call it a season.

And I am glad I did.  There were two rides, into the end of November that I really enjoyed.

The earlier one was a true “See The Fall Colors” experience.  Many of the roads on this route were a riot of green, yellow, red, brown and orange.  I would have stopped riding and walked (more on that in a later post) if I had not been in a group.  Temperatures in the 60s did not hurt.

My final ride…the last Sunday of November…included about 12 of us on a looping, weird route.  The trees were bare, but it was sunny and over 50 degrees. It was not even slow flat ride, but it was one of those days that you just wanted to be outside as long as possible.

With these two rides, who knows, give me a nice day in the winter, and maybe I will head out again.

For the moment, however, we are hiking, going to the gym and waiting for cross country ski season.