It’s Been Too Long

Seems like my last post was in August of 2012!  Way too long.

This has been the season of changed plans, new trips and a new bicycle.

The bicycle road trip from Long Island to Kansas City got cancelled.  A lot of things going on this summer cut into our downtime if we took the road trip.
Maybe next year.

A week at Seneca Lake with our bicycles is on the boards.  The Finger Lakes area is moderately hilly north/south and seriously hilly east/west.
Susan and I no longer seek challenge, most of  the time, so we will keep the east/west riding to a minimum.
We did some riding there last summer as well, just west of Seneca Lake.

Interesting riding in a Mennonite area.  Lots of other cyclists on the road,  but riding for transportation rather than sport.

Also going to California.  We will mostly be hiking in the Alpine area of Yosemite, but hope to get in one or two days on rental bicycles as well.

Susan and I are finding a new attitude about riding.  For me two or three times a week is fine and I will go more if the weather is nice.  For Susan twice a week is fine and she will go more if the weather is nice.  At the same time, if we miss a day on the bicycle that is okay too.  In a way it is nice not to feel driven about it all.

New bicycles will be ordered soon (the old bikes are going to the kids house in K.C.).
I am a titanium fan and Susan has become one.  By my next post,  hopefully our Lynskeys will be ordered if not actually delivered.