Winter Training

Some us wussy types, like my wife and me (yes, me is grammatically correct), take a break from riding in the colder months.

Needless to add — but I will, since this is my blog — we still need to keep our aging bodies in shape so, come spring we are not starting all over again.

While we do stretching and/or yoga four to six mornings all year, when not riding we add the following regimen:

  • 30 minutes on a precor, twice a week, for cardio, quads, etc. — followed by abs, upper body and more lower body. Each session lasts about one hour.
  • 1 hour yoga class each week
  • 1 hour pilates class each week
  • 1 hour spin class each week – more cardio than precor, but less strengthening than precor and gym machines

By the time spring comes, I am sick of the gym and have a great urge to get back on the bicycle.

Who else takes time off in cold weather? What do you do?