My ‘Old’ Bicycle

Some of my bicycling buddies are encouraging me to replace my 2002 titanium Litespeed Tuscany with something new.   My wife says she has no problem if I want a new bike.

So far, however, I cannot get too excited about it.

I am no longer interested in going as fast as a I can, so shaving a few pounds off the bike is not much of a concern.

After seeing a few deaths and several cases of my friends needing their new carbon fiber frames replaced I am not too hot on carbon fiber.  I do hear the mantra that if the frame is made in the US it is more reliable, however.

I have a good titanium frame.  For a lot less that the cost of new bicycle I can replace parts as needed and get another decade from the bike.

So while I can afford a new bicycle and like new ‘toys’ much can also be said for “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”