Absolute, Ironclad, Flexible? Rules For Cycling During Covid19 Pandemic.

When riding during with Covid19, there are important things to remember, or not.

These are ironclad rules, with unlimited exceptions.  They are absolute, with a high degree of flexibility.  Huh?

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You Are Leaving Brooklyn, Pay Attention


  • You should always ride alone, except for the following exceptions:
    • You wish to ride with one or more other people
    • You do not know how to change a flat tire
    • You forgot your cell phone
    • It is not Tuesday
  • You should always ride with other people unless:
    • You prefer to ride alone
    • No one else will ride with you
    • Other riders are too fast, too slow, too old, too young or just plain too . . .
  • You should absolutely wear a mask, unless you prefer not to.
    • If you do wear a mask,  red is better than blue, black is not as good as gray, green is weird and white is always the same.

except bicycles sign



RIDING ALONE DURING COVID19 (also applies to Covid 19.12.a – due out this summer)

  • To re emphasize: wear a mask or don’t (this is extremely important)
  • Do not ride in high pedestrian areas — if you can find any
    • Good areas to ride now include shopping mall parking lots, airport runways & almost anywhere in Maine
  • Avoid riding with other cyclists if you are riding alone

covid19 wear a mask or don't

Private Sign.  Do Not Read This Sign.


  • You must maintain a safe distance of 6 feet to a quarter of a mile, depending on what expert or friend said what,  unless you have a cross wind.
    • If you have a cross wind blowing into the traffic lane, do not let any cars pass if they have an open window on the passenger side, unless:
      • You are both wearing a mask or not
      • Neither of you or both of you are sick with Covid19
      • You have both had Covid19 or not
      • You absolutely choose not to worry about it, regardless
    • When riding with other people  you must where  a mask, unless: (See ScamMasters Covid19 Super Cool Mask below A) 
      • You feel the mask really has no significant impact
      • Some of you are or are not asymptomatic
      • All of you are sick or already recovered from Covid19 (See ScamMasters Test Kit, below B)
      • It is not Sunday
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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


ScamMasters Covid19 Products For Cyclists

A. Mesh Face Mask – $29.86







Mesh Face Mask Kit includes

  • mesh
  • elastic straps
  • detailed instructions


  • Extremely Breathable
  • Really Cool Looking
  • Allows You To Drink Without Removing Mask


  • Some Limitations On Protection Quality

B. Online Covid19 Test Kit  $24.12

Yes, you take this test to see if you are asymptomatic or already have had Covid19.
Three simple questions.
False negatives or positives mean you answered the questions wrong, and need to re purchase.

C. Bicycle Distance Monitor $149.97







This goes on top of your helmet.
It does not do anything, but if you are wearing this, everyone will keep their distance.

Any Questions?  Comments welcome, at bottom of page.

absolute ironclad rules


For serious information about riding during the pandemic read this from Bicycling Magazine

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