10 mile climb – fresh muffins – down down down

Okay, okay, I know may of you have climbed hills 10 miles or more in the course of your riding adventures. Feel free to add your comments, if you wish.

Back to Hadley, Ma (see 11 mile paceline). On another ride we did an unusual 10 mile climb. The weather was mild. The climb was not steep. We were surrounded by forest and rural development. If there were six cars on the road, that was a lot.

Better to go down that hill? Not as it turned out. The climb was followed by six miles of downhill on a steeper grade and a busier (but not too busy) road.

At which moment we happened upon a country deli baking homemade muffins. We sat outdoors, at their picnic table enjoying the scenery.

After one more short climb, the remaining 27 miles of the ride was downhill or flat with the with the wind at our back.

What way to ride.