Cliques & Vibes

Clubs and associations always tend to form cliques. Bicycle clubs are no different. The question then becomes: are you in “the in group” – hereafter known as TIG?
(TLCs rule)

Are the vibes good, bad, neutral or downright ugly?

Why do we do that to people?

There is nothing wrong with being in TIG. In some rides I am and in some rides I am not.

The point is we should all make TOG (the out group) feel welcome anyway.

You could do this to be nice or civil, but, there are more important reasons .

Self Preservation. Without TOG, TIG would be the only group, and, therefore, no longer TIG. Round and round.

In Group Dignity. TOG may really consider TIG to be TSG (the snooty group).

Practicality. If all the good bike mechanics are in TOG, it only makes sense to be nice.

Some riders are around forever, others come and go. The best rides, however are the ones with good vibes all around.