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How Do You Ride Your Bicycle?

Our ASCENT from hardcore to chill cycling.

Yes, we have definitely become chill.

Hardcore Then: The longer/hillier way back is better.
Chill Now: You have food in my belly,  flatter is better.

Hardcore Then:  60% chance of rain means 40% chance you can ride.
Chill Now: 40% chance of rain means wait and see.

Hardcore Then: Push those hills.
Chill Now: Just get up those hills.

Hardcore Then:  Let’s climb that 1/4 mile 15% grade hill for the challenge.
Chill Now: Let’s go around that hill.  I have no need to prove anything.

Hardcore Then:  You need those miles.
Chill Now: A ride is a ride.

Hardcore Then: The long flat road means a fast pace line.
Chill Now: The long flat road means no hills.

Hardcore Then: Show up for the Tuesday morning 40 mile ride with the 15-16 mph average.
Chill Now:  Go on your own Tuesday morning 30-35 mile ride with a 11-13 mph average.

Hardcore Then: If its raining its spin class.
Chill Now: If its raining, its raining.

hardcore or chill cyclist

Hardcore Then: You have an expensive, light bicycle because it seriously helps you get better.
Chill Now: You have an expensive, light bicycle because you can afford it and it provides limited bragging rights.

Hardcore Then: A pit stop is just a pit stop.
Chill Now: A pit stop is never less than 30 minutes to socialize.

Hardcore Then: Keep up or drop off.
Chill Now: We’ll go at our own pace.  We know the way.  Don’t wait.

Hardcore Then: What gorgeous day for my 12th consecutive ride.
Chill Now: Maybe two days in a row (except for away bicycle trips, of course).

Hardcore Then: Enough bikes is one more than I currently own.
Chill Now: Enough bikes is one more than I currently own, but I am not buying an additional bike.

Hardcore Then: Quality time with the family starts after the ride.
Chill Now: You’ll be glad to take the day off from riding, or shorten your ride,  to spend time with the family.

Hardcore Then: Everything you wear and everything on your bike must be correct.
Chill Now:  Whatever!

Hardcore Then: A bike ride is a work out and possibly enjoyable.
Chill Now: A bike ride is enjoyable and possibly a work out.

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