Different But Similar

Susan and I spend about half the riding season in the greater Kansas City area and the other half on Long Island, NY.

There are significant differences.
The KC area has less traffic (even in most parts of KC itself), more hills and country riding not to far away.

Long Island has many rides (or parts) along the shoreline and delis and bagel shops for breaks in the ride.

Many of the areas we ride in are similar, however.  Look at the photos below and see if you tell which are KC area and which are LI.  Answers are a scroll down from the last photo.

sunset drive kc 1…










2…brookville ny











blue river road mo









4…prairie village ks










great neck ny










6…pine barrens LI












1 Sunset Road, KC, MO
2 Wheatley Road, LI, NY
3 Blue River Road,  KC, MO
4 Delmar Rd. Prairie Village, KS
5 Somewhere in Great Neck, LI, NY
6. North Street, Pine Barrens, Manorville, LI NY