Weather 7 Cyclists 3

What a crappy weather system we have been having in the NY metro area this spring. Repeated emails to the weather bureau have not produced results.  Requests for a refund or redo have been ignored.

I protest.

Even today, it was cloudy, but the weather forecast was for NO (0% chance, not a drop) rain til later in the day. What do you supposed happened as we were about to start?

To be fair to all the cyclists who still work for a living, our mostly retired status does give us a riding loophole.  We see a good day mid week and we grab it. So, we have been riding, but still not as much as we’d like to. (Here too there is a conundrum. How much we’d like to ride and how much we can ride (age, energy, etc.) are not always in sync. That is why we need maximum riding day opportunities.

So, I declare the next seven month to be rain at night only months. End of discussion.