Gasp…Walking the Ride

For those of you who consider getting off the bike to look around or take a short walk a sin , stop reading here.

To be honest,  (aw, shucks) for Susan and me,* it was not quite getting off the bike.

What did happen, however, was we went on a hike through a woods that runs adjacent Sweethollow Road,  one of our many favorite cycling roads.

In the middle of congested Long Island, there are these gems that go for a mile or three with woods on both sides.

In this case there is woods on both sides and a few houses and businesses well tucked in to be less than obvious.

Anyway,  we wound up, on our hike, on the road.  Rather than back track through the woods, we decided to walk back to our car on the road.

Things appeared that I had failed to notice on the many times I cycled through the area.

The difference between 11-12 mph (going up) or 20-25 mph (going down) and 2-3 mph walking was incredible and thoroughly delightful.

We stopped, look, took some photos and noticed many views for the first time.

Will I try to stop a group of 12 riders?  No, but I have gained a measure of appreciation for the concept of slowing down on some roads, because there is more to see than the road.

Cross Country Skiing, going to the gym (yucch) and Hiking until the weather warms up for our old bones,

* ‘I’ vs. ‘ me’ in sentences

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