Getting Back Into Shape

Susan and I are definitely seasonal riders. Temperatures under 40 degrees send us to the gym. That’s spin class, weight training, precor, yoga and pilates. Not the same as riding, but keeps us from falling back too far.

Also, we need to take a break. Since we regularly ride two to four times a week in season, but October or November it is becoming ‘same old same old’. By March I am raring to get back on the bike and Susan is ready to get back on the bike (there is a definite difference between raring and ready).

This March, the weather was pretty bad on Long Island, NY. We got in a total of three short rides of 20-25 miles each.

We decided to head south to Virginia in early April, to site see and ride. We saw all the sites, but the weather was as bad or worse than N.Y.

Our smart move was to head back home one Tuesday. Wednesday was very nice and Thursday was spectacular. We finally got to take two real rides (30-40 miles each) and start to get our bodies back into cycling mode.

We rode slower than we normally do, but we also had time to view the scenery.

We are both looking forward to nicer weather and a late start season.

Glenn A.