Incredibly Good, Bad, Ugly x 5

An Incredibly Mixed Bag Of Emotions On  A Single Ride

  • The Incredibly Good: Feeling great, weather great, riding the route you want.
  • The Bad: Scattered thundershowers enter into the picture.  
  • The Ugly: You and your bicycle with all the mud splatter.
  • The Good: Beating “you know who” up the hills three times in a row.
  • The Bad: Feeling pretty beat up yourself as a result.
  • The Ugly: Learning that “you know who” has not been riding for 8 weeks.
  • The Good: Being forced to take a smell the roses” ride and really enjoying it.The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
  • The Bad: Being forced to take a ” smell the roses” ride and really enjoying it.
  • The Ugly: Wanting to do it again.
  • The Good: The brand new bicycle you have always wanted.
  • The Bad: The cost of the brand new bicycle.
  • The Ugly: You are already thinking of the next brand new bicycle.
  • The Good: Riding with like minded people and socializing on the bicycle ride.  (could also be bad)
  • The Bad: Riding with like minded people who think a fast pace line is the only way to ride. (could also be good)
  • The Ugly: You can’t decide which you like better.

And Finally . . .

  • The Good: Having your own website and blog to write about good, bad & ugly.
  • The Bad: Realizing you need to keep coming up with new topics to write about.
  • The Ugly: Wonderfully, nothing at all.

Of Course There Is The Art Of Getting Your Significant Other On A  Bicycle

The Good After The Ride

Incredibly Good



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