Just Three Little Words

What is the problem with the words “on your left“ or, if you must “on your right“?

Group riders often warn everyone of “debris”, “car back/up/right/left”, “slowing” and “stopping”.

But getting a rider or group of riders know you are passing seems as hard as getting a man saying “I love you” to a woman.

In all fairness, after being a bit of a bully in my riding group, a number of people do use these expressions, sometimes.

I am not referring to a wide pass, where the person being passed could not possible drift into you. Often, however, riders pass each other within an arms length. What is so hard about saying “on your left” or even just “left’?

I am a fairly attentive rider, but even I sometimes go into a zen zone. When I hear “on your left”, however, I know not to drift or to pass the person I am behind, at that point.

My riding buddies are nice people. Some are even personal, non biking friends. Getting that expression out, however, is sometimes futile.


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