No Cycling In Russia

Its been over a month since my last post.  So much for two posts a month, April to November :).

Susan and I were in Russia for part of that time (photos here).  After that I was involved in sorting reviewing and posting the photos.

Susan is back to group riding of a sort.   Once a week she will ride with the club.  We both hang off the back of the ride, however.
Since both of her broken bone accidents had to do with encounters with other riders, this is the best way to part of club ride.

During the week we often ride alone and go out no later than 8:00 am.  The pace is faster than it was, but still we no longer shoot for a better average.
One or two riders we feel comfortable with (by invitation only) may join us.
Often, we do not invite anyone as that gives us the flexibility to change the destination and the distance on the fly.

I ride alone or with a group once or twice a week.

Its a different kind of summer — but as I have stated in earlier posts — not any less enjoyable.

The best part about all this riding is the amount of food I can eat without gaining weight!