Cold Start To A New Season

For seasonal riders like Susan and myself, March and early April have given us less than great weather.

We did, however, get in two rides last week, and will ride again tomorrow.

Every year is the same in one sense. No matter how much time we spend at the gym, no matter how many spin classes and other gym activiites we do, the first couple of rides are like we never rode at all.

The good feeling about this, however, is the knowledge that without the winter gym it would be harder and by the 4th or 5th ride we will be back into the swing of all.

We do not push the pace at all on these rides. Over average is 2-3 mph below what it will be later in the season. It is really a great way to truly just appreciate the surroundings. Since these are not club rides (just the two of us) there really is no pressure. We do not need to keep up. We can stop whenever we want. We can change our plans.

It is work to get started again. But it is also nice.