The Time Trial

On Labor Day weekend serious cycling was off the table, due circumstances.

I did, however, have time for a short ride or two.

There is a flat S route of about 10 miles that I often do when time is limited. Its three straight runs of 1-2 miles and two cross overs. Five miles out and five back.

On this day I decided to do a time trial. I recommend this to everyone as something to do now and then. The distance is not too important, as long it is a challenge. The idea is to ride as hard as you can for the duration.

My route was windy (15-20 mph) one direction, but I was in need of a work out. I had never done a time trial. To me, this means just push as hard as you can for the whole ride. Practically, however, the cross over streets became short recovery points. I needed to recover for the next straight away.

Riding into head winds of 15 mph for 4.5 miles is okay at a comfortable pace or in a pace line. Alone and pushing for all you can, its a bear.

The end result was a personal best, and a 10% improvement over my best average this year. It felt good.

It felt good because I know I can do that pace for a full ride with group support.
It felt good because a personal best should always feel good.
It felt good because I accomplished something I had never done before.