The Weather Gift

Today was a weather gift. Although it is only April 18 on Long Island, NY, it felt more like May 20.

I was leading a supposedly relaxed pace today. The good news was the weather. The bad news was I was really enjoying it. So, the pace was somewhat faster than advertised. To my credit, however, the push did no always come from my peddling, or meddling, as I often found myself in the middle or back of the pack . . . leading by delegation.

Forty miles later, however, up and down hills and shooting through the flats, we arrived back at the start. In hindsite, everyone was pleased with their “fastest pace of the season”.  The trick is to use kilometers per hour at this juncture, as it looks better.

For my wife and me (yes, me is grammatically correct) a ride of this nature is generally followed by a homemade smoothie and bagel, a nap then coffee, with the newspaper in hand. Unexciting to be sure, but so very rewarding.