Accident Poll Results

Here are four views of the Bicycle Accident Poll, based on 100 replies.

Poll Total 100 ResponsesAll VotesWomen ONLY (14)Had One Surgery (20)More Than One Surgery (16)
Age Group
Uner 303%5%
Type of Cycling Accident36% of all polled had surgery

43% of women had surgery

One accident with a break or fracture that did NOT require surgery
One accident with a break or fracture that DID require surgery20%14%100%
More that one accident with a break or fracture that did NOT require surgery.
More that one accident with a break or fracture where one or more breaks DID require surgery.16%29%100%
Feeling About Riding AgainTo be fair, most people who have stopped riding altogether probably did not see this survey.

Interesting to note, however, that more of the people who only had ONE surgery (15% compared to 0%), took time off from riding or took a long hard look at what to do.

At this point, do not plan to ride again.1%
Had to seriously think about, or am currently thinking about riding again. I either did eventually ride again or plan to in the foreseeable future6%14%10%
I took a significant amount of time off (part of a season, all of season, more than one season), but eventually got back into riding
I always planned to get back on my bicycle as soon as I could, and I did.83%72%85%91%
None of the above or have not yet decided.5%14%9%
Regarding fault of causing the accident:
None of the above accidents was my fault or due to my bicycle.
One or more of the above accidents was at least partially my fault.40%43%20%54%
One or more of the above accidents was primarily or completely my fault.30%29%50%7%
Since the accident how do you ride (or plan to ride) compared to how you rode before the accident? Multiple entries are okay.Percentages here can be over 100 because mulitple selections were allowed.
I ride slower
I ride alone or in much smaller groups.11%36%10%33%
I ride with groups but position myself to always have a lot of space between other riders.
I ride with groups, but only in the back and/or in the front
My riding habits have not changed.42%14%65%40%
There are also things not mentioned above.40%43%40%40%
How long have you been riding on a regular basis?
0-5 years10%
6-10 years22%72%30%15%
11-20 years33%28%40%50%
21 or more years35%30%35%


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