The Bicycle Tragedy

In May of this year, a biking buddy of mine was riding his new Orbea carbon fiber bike to a rest room, on a flat road.

The frame collapsed and he fell in such a way that he was paralyzed and on various support apparatus.

He died this month.

I have some thoughts on this.

Life is short and shit does happen.
Don’t muddle it by being pissed off for no good reason.
Don’t waste time on obsessing about things over which you have no control.
Don’t put off the things you want to do any longer than is absolutely necessary.

As bicycle riders, we face dangers we can control.
Be a safe rider. It is NOT uncool to say “on your left”, “standing”, “stopping” or, if you must “on your right”
It is wise and prudent to single up in traffic even if the conversation you are engaged in is that important.
It is foolish to know nothing about how your bike functions or not check the basics — wheels secure, brakes working, tires inflated, etc. — every time you ride.

Life is short, but we make make it longer without too much effort.