Riding The Grand Tetons

There is something surreal about bicycling in The Grand Tetons.

GRA 0162

Regardless of which way you ride, there is open prairie on one side and the majestic peaks of the Tetons on the other. Susan and I had an opportunity to ride through this landscape. As with the Mickelson Trail ride, the ride was flat to rolling, but the base altitude was 6,000 feet.

We both had road bikes, but Susan elected to ride with sneakers on stb pedals, making it somewhat difficult.

Anyway, to the ride.

A friend ours has one married child living in Jackson Hole, WY. As a result we had a personal tour guide for our ride.

We started out on T ride from Antelope Flats Road. By that I mean we rode a road shaped like a T out and back (riding each section twice). Considering it was 18 miles and four turns this was great. We did see blue birds, osprey, eagle and antelope. Our views below. GRA 3090

After riding the T, we went down the highway about a mile to ride in the park itself. While you can ride on the road in the Grand Tetons, there is, at current, an eight mile paved asphalt path from the the southern end of the park to Jenny Lake Lodge. It is very lightly used. There are plans to extend the trail. For our ride, however, at the end of the trail, we rode a few miles on the main Teton road and did the loop road to Jenny Lake.

All told, the ride was about 40 miles.Above, the bike path and wild flowers.

More photos here